Sole Insoles

The SOLE Difference

SOLE offers insoles that feature an adaptable support that creates a personalized fit through wear-moldable or heat-moldable insoles. What makes SOLE Custom Footbeds unique is that they are highly contoured for maximum support but the arch is made without the use of hard plastics so it is extremely comfortable.

Helping you reach higher than yesterday

What if you didn't have to make peace with your pain? How different would your life be without that limitation? What if there was a solution that adapted to your unique needs and was accessible to everyone?

SOLE Footbeds are your solution. These innovative, adaptable products guarantee to provide industry-best cushioning and support. SOLE's unique orthopedic shape and mould-optimized materials are built into every pair of footbeds that we make, adapting to your body without losing support.

This accommodative support optimizes your foot’s natural functionality. No matter what your activity level is, you will benefit from the personalized support and cushioning SOLE products offer. When your feet are supported and their function is optimized, the barrier of pain is reduced or eliminated, allowing you to live up to your full potential. Helping you reach higher than you did yesterday is what SOLE is all about.

Backed by Science

When SOLE first developed their footbeds, it was important to them that they offer more than simple comfort. They needed to be comfortable of course, but they also need to be truly effective at reducing pain and fatigue. Through an ongoing partnership with Dr. Reed Ferber and the Running Injury Clinic, SOLE has been able to help fund studies of the effectiveness of insoles on injury prevention and performance.

SOLE Custom Footbeds reduce plantar fascia strain by up to 34% — a one third reduction! Reduced strain not only alleviates current pain but is also effective at preventing future pain. SOLE products are effective, long lasting, and have very high customer satisfaction. Time and again, SOLE has proven to be the best over-the-counter orthotic on the market.

More reasons to love SOLE

Giving back is fundamental to who SOLE is. Grassroots employee volunteering and charity donation programs accompany regular donations to four main organizations that focus on health, fitness, climate change, and social responsibility.

SOLE - Proven pain relief

SOLE insoles are clinically proven to be the most effective over-the-counter orthotic insoles on the market, helping your feet carry their load, eliminating pain, reducing fatigue and preventing injury. Their custom-moldable design gives you all the benefits of personalized support at an affordable cost.

At Performance Footwear, we're specifically trained in choosing and fitting the right insole to your foot and your needs. Schedule your fitting appointment today and say goodbye to pain.


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