Mile after Comfortable Mile

Deuter is synonymous with quality, functionality and longevity – and has been since 1898. Yes, that's right, 1898 - over one hundred years of quality packs. Today, they are European market leaders and pioneers in the world of functional backpacks. Deuter knows that success does not come from advertising alone. Deuter products must win people over and stand the test of time.

Performance Footwear is proud to stock a wide variety of Deuter packs for all sorts of activities. Shop in store for a pack to last a lifetime.

Deuter types of backpacks

The Deuter Promise

You and your favorite pack have been through a lot together. You have a history. Since Deuter wants you and your Deuter product to have fun for a long time they already think about long-term durability when they plan the design, materials, and production of your pack. Despite their efforts something can always break. They prolong the functionality of their products as long as possible with their repair service – they promise. With Deuter’s warranty, the promise to repair or replace any pack for life, you know your pack will always be ready to go the distance.

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